Managed Print

Managed Print

Teleprint MPS works with you to understand exactly what you are spending on print and where you are spending it. This information can then be used to design a print solution that will cut costs and reduce inefficiencies. 

We actively manage your print infrastructure. We remove print estate headaches and free-up your resources so you can focus on what you are good at. 


In fact, Teleprint MPS has already helped customers to reduce print-related costs by up to 60%. With regular reviews we ensure that your ROI will be achieved and your targets are met now and in the future.

As specialists, we have a successful track record delivering cost reduction, environmental savings.

Your company is always our focal point – that is why first a detailed situation analysis is undertaken by Teleprint with the help of our specially developed software tool. Not only are all output systems taken into account, but also all factors that have a direct or indirect effect on your budget. This means that with Teleprint Document Solutions, you receive a comprehensive overview of the output structures of your company. This is the best way to implement forward looking, cost-optimised output tailored to your needs.

Without doubt, you will know the exact monthly copy volume in your company and the resulting costs. But what about the pages that are printed or faxed, and what is their contribution to the total output?

Most companies, regardless of their size, do not have a definite answer to this question, even though this area is visibly gaining in importance. Documents are increasingly available in digital form thanks to the Internet and e-mail, and are output individually on demand by a variety of systems. In most cases, the print costs have risen disproportionately along with the print volume, while the use of the copier has stayed at a constant level.

It is here that Teleprint Document Solutions, as an integral solution concept, starts. Every page is turned into a fixed outlay that you can manage – regardless of whether it is copied, printed or faxed.


From custom results to a tailor-made concept: Teleprint Document Consulting delivers a solution exactly suited to your needs based on the detailed analysis. Using state of the art, multifunctional digital technology from UTAX, savings of up to 30% are realistic.

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